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OPEX works jointly with clients to develop customised solutions that solve complex problems. Results are tangible and can be directly related to improved financial performance: revenue growth, margin improvement or capital efficiency.

Growth Strategies


Structured framework and process to generate and evaluate growth options including organic growth, new product development, new market development and acquisitions


Selection of option(s) based on strategic alignment, financial objectives and risk and investment considerations


Execution planning and management of all internal and external stakeholders


Implementation to achieve top line growth in accelerated time frames



Profit Margin Improvement


​​Identification, validation and quantification of opportunities based on operational restructure, process and productivity enhancements and value chain optimisation


Detailed Implementation design and recut of budgets


Execution and benefits monitoring

Strategic Planning


Develop 3 and 5 year strategic plans for CEOs 


Address all value drivers of the business underpinned by robust financial plans

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